Moving house and an update on life

Ok then.
In a couple of days I will be moving house. This as an action is nothing new really, since it’s been happening every few years of my entire life. The only difference this time, and I think the reason I am so excited about it, is that this is the first place that I am moving to where its not just for convenience but because I want to live there. The flat is pretty cool, my room is massive and the location is great. Looking forward to moving in with Erykah – or rather her moving in a few days after I have. Hopefully the “your moving in with a girl therefore you two are an item” stuff will disappear soon. The narrow minded views of some people are spectacular at times.

With the new place being where it is, it means that pretty much entirely by coincidence I am now living closer to my sister than I have in the last 5 years. I don’t think that this will be a problem, though I see more requests for my epic dog-sitting abilities over the next 12 months or so (one of the easier tasks in the world since they spend most of the time napping). The thought that is slightly more concerning is that its possible padre and his woman may be returning to the area in the next few months depending on jobs and house sales etc. With the combination of the mothership returning to the homeland at the end of September, we will all be in the same country for the first time since about 2002, and most of the family could end up within 2 miles of each other – albeit with a large hill in the way. How father and his plus-one will be able to do the move if the spawn is still in Luton is undecided – but somehow I think rehab destinations don’t really factor into the relocation plans. Oh well.

Also at the start of October I will be starting my MA in Ensemble Theatre, again at Rose Bruford, having got a 1st in my BA. Since I thought all the way through my time at college that I would do 3 years and be out the door, the MA has rather crept up on me, but its a new course, with some new ideas and it gives me the chance to test myself in a few different capacities. It also gives me license to read whatever books and plays I like – which is always a good thing. One of the sets of plays I have read recently was the works of Sarah Kane. I know she is not everyone’s cup of tea, and some of the staging ideas are challenging to say the least (sunflower bursting from the floor being a decent example), but not only has she become one of my favourite playwrights, but also her work is, at this moment, what I would most like to be involved in creating. I’m not going to go into all the details of exactly how now, partly since some of the later themes and ideas I am still playing with in my brain, but once a more complete picture has emerged then I might put something down on paper – even though I severely doubt the other members of the Ensemble (who I have yet to meet) will be too keen on Kane as someone to look at. We shall see.

The interview for the MA was an interesting experience, with the highlights being:

  • Told by one interviewer they could not see me being a professional SM
  • Same interviewer informed me later that both of them were aware that I was “playing a part” during the interview so I didn’t let on too much.
  • The question: If you had a time machine and could go anywhere to see any show, what would you see? (My answer: Opening of Blasted by Kane in the 90’s, first performance of the Berliner Ensemble in Britain in the 50’s and the premiere of Osborne’s Look Back in Anger in the 60’s. They seemed to go down well)

Interested to know what anyone else would have picked for their choices on the third one.

Time to go finish packing!