Writing Idea: Pre-Season as a Professional Footballer

Taking inspiration from Stefan Fatsis’s A Few Seconds of Panic and HBO’s Hard Knocks, I’d love to do a similar thing with a Premier League football team. Given my personal preference, I’d want it to be Chelsea.

In essence, the idea would be to join them on their pre-season tours as a squad member (again, my personal preference would be to play goalkeeper, as its the only position I can play), going through all the training, preparation etc as if I were a new signing – though playing in tour matches might be a stretch.

Keeping a diary of what happens on a daily basis behind the scenes, as well as how it feels to experience the rigours of pre-season, would form the basis of the piece (or book) that would be written afterwards, though of course interviews and opinions from players, coaches and management would be needed to make the experience properly worthwhile.

Anyway, that’s the basic idea. Any thoughts?


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