Review: The Star-Spangled Girl, by Neil Simon, Maddermarket Theatre

Star-Spangled Girl, Maddermarket Theatre

Last night I went to the Maddermarket Theatre to see The Star-Spangled Girl by Neil Simon. It was, in short, a supremely entertaining show.

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Review: Findo’s Mousetrap

Findo's Mousetrap by Graham Paskett

Findo’s Mousetrap is the debut self-published novel from Graham Paskett. Set across rural Scotland, London and New England, it tells the story of an aristocratic heir, Findo Gask, his childhood friend Andrew McCubbin and Dympna Doyle, an Irish-American radio producer. The titular Mousetrap is the invention of Gask and McCubbin, and is a device capable of using energy, data and historical details to replay significant moments that have taken place throughout history.

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